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It has been very interesting going off the Januvia because it is giving me a a lot better sense of what the drug was doing for canada pharmaceuticals online me in addition to controlling blood sugars. 1. My appetite has returned. Not that ravenous "feed me or I will kill you" starvation factor canada pharmaceuticals online that comes from blood sugar fluctuations, but my appreciation for whatever it is that's in my mouth. This makes me notice my curiosity in meals had been really muted, presumably by some change in the brain or digestive system. Not so coincidentally, canadian pharmaceuticals online that explains why I used to be in a position to weight loss plan at an average of 1150 calories a day for an entire month while on the Januvia. Here's an example of what I mean: For the last couple weeks whereas on the Januvia when we would gone to the local pizza house for our usual lite dinner of 1/2 slice of cheese pizza with a huge salad, canada pharmaceuticals online I'd discovered I could barely choke down the salad, canada pharmaceuticals online which I remembered as being one I really appreciated. canada pharmaceuticals online